Language = Culture

Language = Culture | Maazi Ogbonnaya

Maazi Ogbonnaya

Maazi Ogbonnaya is an academic, writer and translator of the Igbo language. His work aims at preserving and reviving the language & culture of one of Africa's largest ethnic groups. UbuntuFM reached out to Mr. Ogbonnaya for this exclusive interview. Language is a culture. Culture is people. No one lives without language.

Radio interview | Sam Ndlovu of Stimela

Stimela | The People's band from South Africa

Sam Ndlovu | #Stimela

UbuntuFM’s King Mavuthela conducted a radio interview with Sam Ndlovu, the lead singer of Stimela, the people’s band of South Africa.

UbuntuFM Hip-Hop meets Ashman, West African Hip-Hop artist

Ashman | Creation Artist

Ashman | #Nigeria | #Ghana | #HipHop | #RnB

In this exclusive interview with Ikenna Okeh of UbuntuFM Hip-Hop, Ashman talks about music, his move to Ghana and the industry of both Ghana and his home country, Nigeria.


Keeniatta | Universal Love

Keeniatta | #NeverGiveUp

King Vusi Mavuthela of UbuntuFM Radio conducted an interview with KEENIATTA aka EMPRESSK. KEENIATTA, born in South Africa but a global citizen for most of her life, talks about her music, her new album "UNIVERSAL LOVE" and her special project #NeverGiveUp 

Interview with Max Mojapelo

Max Mojapelo

Max Mojapelo | #SouthAfrica | #Radio | Nelson Mandela

An interview with legendary Bra Max ‘The Mixer Boy’ Mojapelo, an award winning radio personality, an author, researcher and music compiler of note. He is currently a host of a lunch hour radio show called ‘Disa fisha’ from 12h00 to 14h00, Mondays to Fridays at ThobelaFM (SABC). Bra Max Mojapelo talking to King Mavuthela of Ubuntu FM Africa.