Language = Culture

Language = Culture | Maazi Ogbonnaya

Maazi Ogbonnaya

Maazi Ogbonnaya is an academic, writer and translator of the Igbo language. His work aims at preserving and reviving the language & culture of one of Africa's largest ethnic groups. UbuntuFM reached out to Mr. Ogbonnaya for this exclusive interview. Language is a culture. Culture is people. No one lives without language.

The Igbo nation is one of the most populous of the indigenous African peoples almost equaling their population in the diaspora. The Igbo are an ethnic group native to the present-day south-central and south-eastern Nigeria. UbuntuFM's Ikenna Okeh recently recorded the interview with 'Maazi' Okoro Mark Ogbonnaya as follows:

It’s nice to get in touch with you, Maazi Ogbonnaya

It is my pleasure...

Radio interview | Sam Ndlovu of Stimela

Stimela | The People's band from South Africa

Sam Ndlovu | #Stimela

UbuntuFM’s King Mavuthela conducted a radio interview with Sam Ndlovu, the lead singer of Stimela, the people’s band of South Africa.

Mr. Ndlovu addresses in the interview several topics gathered around a central theme: a musician’s responsibility, the late and great Ray Phiri, Stimela’s founder, the current situation in South Africa and Africa as a whole, and Stimela’s latest single Ndewu.

"For as long as the baboon is barking, we know there is life.
Why do we want to silence the voices of the wise, the elders… " 
- Sam Ndlovu, Stimela.

Ndewu - The struggle continues, the struggle is not over!

UbuntuFM Hip-Hop meets Ashman, West African Hip-Hop artist

Ashman | Creation Artist

Ashman | #Nigeria | #Ghana | #HipHop | #RnB

In this exclusive interview with Ikenna Okeh of UbuntuFM Hip-Hop, Ashman talks about music, his move to Ghana and the industry of both Ghana and his home country, Nigeria.

UbuntuFM Hip-Hop gets in touch with West-African Hip-Hop artist, Ashman

Q: So, Ashman, I wouldn't be asking for an introduction; you're my homie, my dude from my hood. But for the benefit of those who do not know you so upclose, I ask that you do a little introduction of yourself.

A: Yaga!.. I'm Ashamole Christian Ifeanyi, popularly known as Ashman. I come from Ikeduru, Imo state in what's presently known as Nigeria. At the moment, I'm resident here in Ghana.


Keeniatta | Universal Love

Keeniatta | #NeverGiveUp

King Vusi Mavuthela of UbuntuFM Radio conducted an interview with KEENIATTA aka EMPRESSK. KEENIATTA, born in South Africa but a global citizen for most of her life, talks about her music, her new album "UNIVERSAL LOVE" and her special project #NeverGiveUp 

KEENIATTA shows her talent as a singer and performer since she was a child. She grew up listening to Aretha Franklin, Patti La Belle, Tina Turner and Diana Ross as well as a lot of other music. Her music career begins as she wins the 1st ediiton of the “Shell Road To Fame”, a famous talent show in South Africa, by signing with top labels to record a few albums released in South Africa.

Interview with Max Mojapelo

Max Mojapelo

Max Mojapelo | #SouthAfrica | #Radio | Nelson Mandela

An interview with legendary Bra Max ‘The Mixer Boy’ Mojapelo, an award winning radio personality, an author, researcher and music compiler of note. He is currently a host of a lunch hour radio show called ‘Disa fisha’ from 12h00 to 14h00, Mondays to Fridays at ThobelaFM (SABC). Bra Max Mojapelo talking to King Mavuthela of Ubuntu FM Africa.

King Mavuthela: Welcome on Ubuntu FM Africa and thanks for your time Bra Max
Bra Max Mojapelo: Thanks for the opportunity my King. It is both honor and privilege to guest on this truly African station that promotes the essence of who we are as Africans – Ubuntu. I am because you are!