Interview w/ Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

UbuntuFM Africa | Abubakar Adam Ibrahim - writer/journalist from Nigeria

A personal perspective

UbuntuFM recently linked up with Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, writer, journalist, and intellectual of note from Nigeria. Personal Perspectives is an interview series, a platform on which we invite people to share their perspectives on issues that affect us all. 

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Interview with Richard Ali

Interview with Richard Ali

On book publishing and other affairs

Mr. Ali informs us on book publishing in Africa and his experiences in Europe in that field. When we shift themes, Mr. Ali unfolds his perspective on other matters like the digital revolution, secessionism, xenophobia, modern history, the role of governments, politicians, and intellectuals against an African-European backdrop.

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‘Biafra’ All Over Again

‘Biafra’ All Over Again

History is about to repeat itself

Between 1966 and 1970, Biafra was all over the news media for those old enough to remember. What was called a war, was in fact a genocide comparable to the Rwandan genocide of the 90’s or worse. Let's fast forward from 1966 to Sept 12, 2017.

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UbuntuFM Africa | Biafra (1969)

50 years of Oil, Blood & Deprivation

The story of the Biafra genocide is one of the culturally incompatible and ideologically far-flung nations enclosed in a post-colonial contraption that started in the late ’60s and continues up to this day. One of the key underlying factors in the conflict may be attributed to the presence of oil. Biafra has one of the biggest if not the biggest oil reserves in Africa.

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