Radio Special | Ray Phiri Tribute

King Vusi Mavuthela with Ray Phiri

#Stimela | Ray Phiri

  UbuntuFM Radio Africa commemorated Bra Ray Phiri on July 22, 2017 with a special tribute broadcast. Presented by King Vusi Mavuthela with special guest Mashadi Mathosa. 


Harari | South African heritage

#SouthAfrica | #Harari

The story of South Africa’s all-time favourite band ‘Harari’.  The significance of Harari as one of the most important bands from the late 60's to the early 80's and its influence on popular music in Southern Africa cannot be overstressed. Harari's muscial excellence and influence on generations of musicians is equal to legends like 'Third World' or 'Funkadelic'. UbuntuFM's King Vusi Mavuthela recounts their story in this chronology.