Abudebi Zonjon | Who We Are

Abudebi Zonjon | Who We Are

Hate is such a heavy load to carry

Promising upcoming singer-songwriter ABUDEBI ZONJON shares his most personal material to date, which comes in the shape of his latest single ‘Who We Are’.

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Ancient Astronauts | "Kampala Fire"

UbuntuFM Africa | Ancient Astronauts | "Kampala Fire"

Blazing ahead out of the African Odyssey

The KAMPALA FIRE EP, showcasing a selection of strictly Ugandan tracks from the album: Roots Reggae, Dancehall, and Hip Hop from one of the most energetic and original music scenes on the continent.

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Jimmy Cliff | A true story

UbuntuFM Africa | Jimmy Cliff | True Story

They gave us history, but what about the true story?

Hiding our heritage, to keep us into bondage.

They stole our culture, to say we got no future,
Destroyed our tradition, to keep us into subjection.

They took the natural living and turned it into artificial living.
They took the social living and turned it into socialism
They took the communal living and turned it into communism.
They took the capital living and turned it into capitalism.

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