#SouthAfrica | #Jazz | #Soul | #RnB | Suthukazi Arosi

“Naked” features 10 brand new tracks recorded over a period of twelve years, 2 remixes and 3 interludes. The interludes introduce the listener to some of the traditional and tribal sounds of South Africa. Each with a specific purpose and theme. 

TRACK REVIEW | Ogoo | ‘Onye Isi Oma’ (The Lucky One)

TRACK REVIEW | Ogoo | ‘Onye Isi Oma’ (The Lucky One)

#Nigeria | #AfroPop | #RnB | Ogoo

Some tracks run out of steam after the 3 minute mark, not this one!

Ashman | 'Happy Married Life' (HML)

Ashman, Happy Married Life (HML) | UbuntuFM Music

#HipHop | #RnB | #Highlife | #Nigeria | Ashman | Blazeslaan

Ashman releases new single 'Happy Married Life' (HML). An ingenious mix of #HipHop, #RnB and contemporary #Highlife; culturally #African.

Ashman | 'OBServe' (feat. Wajo)

Ashman | 'OBServe' (feat. Wajo)

#HipHop | #RnB | #Nigeria | Ashman | Blazeslaan

Ashman releases a new single titled ‘OBServe’. This single produced by Blazeslaan, featuring Wajo, is expected to treat listeners to a feel of ingenious and contemporary #HipHop of West African roots. An honest song with socially relevant lyrics accompanied by a solid beat.

UbuntuFM Hip-Hop meets Ashman, West African Hip-Hop artist

Ashman | Creation Artist

Ashman | #Nigeria | #Ghana | #HipHop | #RnB

In this exclusive interview with Ikenna Okeh of UbuntuFM Hip-Hop, Ashman talks about music, his move to Ghana and the industry of both Ghana and his home country, Nigeria.