'Woman to Woman' | Winnie Madikizela Mandela

UbunttuFM Africa | 'Woman to Woman' | Winnie Madikizela Mandela


Through the window
Thoughts on Winnie Mandela by Suthukazi Arosi Through the window we all looked and have decided without knowing the exact truth. 

Hugh Masekela | 'Stimela'

UbuntuFM Africa | Hugh Masekela

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Hope against a backdrop of social injustice
'Stimela' (Coal Train) is the track that Hugh Masekela will probably be best remembered for as it encompasses all of his work both lyrically and musically. Such is the significance of 'Stimela' as it addresses the theme of hope against a backdrop of social injustice, central to South African modern history, a history still marked by decades of 'apartheid'.

I Am A Woman

Suthukazi Arosi | I Am A Woman - So What?

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I AM A WOMAN, So what?
When I'm quiet, millions of things run through my mind. When I stare at you, I wonder why I love you so much, in spite of being taken for granted. I am like salt. My presence is never remembered, but my absence makes all things tasteless

The Race To The Bottom

The Race To The Bottom

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It's time for change, real change
The race to the bottom in terms of economics is one for attaining the lowest cost, whilst retaining or increasing the highest margin of profit. Who is profiting from this race and at whose expense? Is it sustainable? What forces drive the race?

The Awesome People

The Awesome People

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Historical Truth
We, the people born between 1950-1980, we are the blessed ones. We are the awesome people. Our life is a living encyclopedia. We are also the last of a kind...

Mandela | The Legacy

UbuntuFM Africa | Pres. Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

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A shrewd politician, a visionary, or both?
As with most larger-than-life figures Pres. Nelson Mandela was controversial. We know of his achievements and follies. But what is his legacy? What will he be best remembered for?