El Gato Negro - Tigre Qui Pleure

El Gato Negro - Tigre Qui Pleure
French melancholy, unbreakable African spirit

Watching his contemporaries from the rooftops he roams, observing the world from the branches of a tree in the Amazon rainforest, the notion of borders, both geographical and musical, is non-existent for EL GATO NEGRO. Philosophical tales, poetic observations, light- hearted love stories are told in French, Spanish or Wolof, a West-African native language. French melancholy laced with an unbreakable African spirit.

Balafon, n'goni, tama, samplers and synths intertwine to establish this fusion between traditional and digital, between organic percussion and bass-heavy beats, between the wisdom of the griots and a hip hop on which blow melodies carried by the winds. Beneath El Gato Negro's perpetually cheerful mask, a hitherto hidden melancholy is now on full display with his new opus, "Tigre Qui Pleure"

Do tigers cry? and if so, why? Go and listen to the 10 original tracks on this album and you may find out.

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