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Amara Tari | Home
Home is where the heart is

Daisy Chepchichir Ruto aka Amara Tari, is a Kenyan Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Model. Her latest single 'HOME' is a song about loss and self-discovery.

'HOME' touches on the sensitive topic of mental health which rarely gets acknowledged, but is a big part of our lives - especially in this day and age. The mind can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. It can be difficult to pull yourself out of a dark, lonely place in your mind, especially when all the signs point toward giving up. But when you do… it’s peaceful and magical, and beautiful.

This song is about the journey and internal struggle everyone faces, and also the feeling only you can feel when you finally make it through.

Amara Tari | Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Model
Amara Tari | Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Model

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