Adjiri Odametey | Ekonklo

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Adjiri Odametey | Ekonklo
Strong, new impulses from West Africa

A warm, earthy voice is the trademark of West African singer-songwriter Adjiri Odametey. Combining this voice with the sounds of native African instruments, such as the kora (African harp), the balafon (wooden xylophone) and the thumb-pianos kalimba and mbira. His music captivates listeners.

As an ambassador of authentic African music, Adjiri Odametey effortlessly succeeds as a crossover artist.

Adjiri Odametey is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Ghana. His music bridges the gap to Africa for European listeners. Adjiri Odametey’s artistic roots lie in the traditions of his homeland Ghana. Born and raised in the capital city Accra, he performed in such renowned groups as the Pan African Orchestra or the Ghana Dance Ballet. He has toured in Japan, Russia and Alaska.

Adjiri Odametey grew up in Ghana’s capital Accra. Marked by his international experiences, including world tours and sojourns abroad, he has crafted a uniquely individual style. He has never abandoned his roots in the traditions of his musically-rich home of West Africa. Adjiri Odametey has
secured a place in the international music scene through his distinctive sound.