Alifchief | Nusantarafrika

Alifchief | Nusantarafrika
A psychedelic guitar journey around the world

Alifchief is a singer and guitarist from Brunei, who has developed a unique sound incorporating Asian, European and African influences, ranging across Psychedelic Rock, original ‘70s Afrobeat, Lingala and Funk. Cutting a path through the south-east Asian Rock & Metal scenes, he eventually found himself in Uganda, where he now resides.

NUSANTARAFRIKA takes us on a psychedelic guitar journey around the world, traversing yet more strange and exotic territory in a quest for musical enlightenment.

NERAKA, READY TO GO and NIGHT & DAY conjure the hustle and bustle of Kampala, swerving through the hectic life of a busy African city. Inspired by Fela Kuti and Miles Davis, READY TO GO features Swedish trumpet player Christian Magnusson from global Jazz group Conexão Berlin.

THE WANDERER features Tanzanian Msafiri Zawose playing harp, fiddle and thumb piano and evokes the Malian sounds of Ali Farka Touré and his son Vieux Farka Touré. MORNING MIST and RUMAHKU lead us further into a mellow mystical paradise, blunted songs for the lost holidays of 2020.

We are abruptly roused to join the dance by the distinctive sounds of a Lingala guitar riff on JAYA, dedicated to Alif’s daughter. This song is an Asian tribute to Franco TPOK, the Congo Rumba maestro – with a characteristic wild drop to make the crowd run mad.

The journey is completed with Funk Rock headbanger BUZZ LIKE FLIES, coming in like a tropical thunderstorm to send us running back to the cover of the dancefloor.

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