Radio interview | Sam Ndlovu of Stimela

Submitted by Harris Mavuthela on Sat, 10/07/2017 - 03:32
Stimela | The People's band from South Africa
Ndewu - The struggle continues
UbuntuFM’s King Mavuthela conducted a radio interview with Sam Ndlovu, the lead singer of Stimela, the people’s band of South Africa.

Mr. Ndlovu addresses in the interview several topics gathered around a central theme: a musician’s responsibility, the late and great Ray Phiri, Stimela’s founder, the current situation in South Africa and Africa as a whole, and Stimela’s latest single Ndewu.

"For as long as the baboon is barking, we know there is life.
Why do we want to silence the voices of the wise, the elders… " 
- Sam Ndlovu, Stimela.

Ndewu - The struggle continues, the struggle is not over!