Pett Maluleke | "Tshwane"

UbuntuFM Africa | Pett Mauleke | "Tshwane"

Lyric-wise the album covers a broad range from love songs, family events, social criticism, to political activism.

For instance, the title track reflects the campaign for the name of the South-African capital to be changed from Pretoria to Tshwane in honor of Chief Tshwane, the indigenous ruler of this place.

'Mudle Maliiyake' is a song that raises awareness of alcohol abuse, i.e. breaking of marriages, abuse of spouses, loss of life, etcetera.

All tracks are expertly instrumented and arranged, with a special note to the featured lead singers and backup vocalists that fill in and make this release a very enjoyable and rich experience.

'Tshwane' features 11 original tracks, 1 remix, and is released by Minoti Records on all major platforms.

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