Ogoo | ‘Onye Isi Oma’

Ogoo | ‘Onye Isi Oma’ (The Lucky One)
The Lucky One

The song starts of with a gentle rhythm guitar and beat which are smoothly picked up by Ogoo’s voice as she leads us into the song proper. Ogoo’s vocal tone is confident and tuneful. Even at high pitches, her vocal quality retains its consistency. There is no mistaking in the feeling she puts into her performance.

Lyrically, the song is meaningful, heart-warming and enriched with punchy phrases;

A musical confession of love, so expressively rendered. Even where the lyrics are infused with Igbo - the language of the #Igbo people, which Ogoo is native too - it happens so seamlessly that the lyrical flow is never compromised.

Strong and engaging rhythmic flow.

The instrumental accompaniment is composed of a rich variety of sound instruments tastefully arranged to suit the song’s mood. Remarkable also is the striking balance between instrumental accompaniment and vocals; no one overshadows the other.

In every right, this is a great song. The chorus is memorable, the sound production and recording quality tell of a mastery of the art, and the song has a strong commercial potential.

One point of criticism: the track is too short! Just when we’re getting in the mood, the music is quickly faded out as not to go beyond the all important 3:25 airplay marker. Which leaves us begging for more as we feel Ogoo still has more to add to this track.

Some tracks run out of steam after the 3 minute mark, not this one! 

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