Nelson Mandela

Mandela | The Legacy

Pres. Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Nelson Mandela

As with most larger-than-life figures Pres. Nelson Mandela was controversial. We know of his achievements and follies. But what is his legacy? What will he be best remembered for? Was he shrewd politician, a visionary or both?

Nelson Mandela had a brief membership in the South African Communist Party and a long-term alliance thereafter with the Communist Party. He was at varying times a black nationalist and a non-racialist, an opponent of armed struggle and an advocate of violence, a hothead and the calmest man in the room, a consumer of Marxist tracts and an admirer of Western democracy, a close partner of Communists and, in his presidency, a close partner of South Africa’s powerful capitalists.

Interview with Max Mojapelo

Max Mojapelo

Max Mojapelo | #SouthAfrica | #Radio | Nelson Mandela

An interview with legendary Bra Max ‘The Mixer Boy’ Mojapelo, an award winning radio personality, an author, researcher and music compiler of note. He is currently a host of a lunch hour radio show called ‘Disa fisha’ from 12h00 to 14h00, Mondays to Fridays at ThobelaFM (SABC). Bra Max Mojapelo talking to King Mavuthela of Ubuntu FM Africa.

King Mavuthela: Welcome on Ubuntu FM Africa and thanks for your time Bra Max
Bra Max Mojapelo: Thanks for the opportunity my King. It is both honor and privilege to guest on this truly African station that promotes the essence of who we are as Africans – Ubuntu. I am because you are!